my vintage ceramic bowls
turkey platter
turkey image platter
white platter in finding vintage ceramic products
embossed white platter

This morning my goal was finding vintage ceramic products. I did a bunch of errands including some stops to some of my favorite thrift and second-hand stores.

These places have always provided me with excellent items. Today I scored two platters, one a full-on turkey picture and the other a classy white one with embossed edges, as seen here.

Have you ever gone thrifting? What did you find? Did you get any bargains?

Why I thrift

Thrifting is a hobby I have enjoyed for a number of years. I don’t do it to resell or to remake to sell but because I like old things and gently used items that can be reused. It is interesting to find treasures that can be incorporated into my life and decor style.

The process is pleasurable to “go back in time” to see just how far we have come and how things have changed.  It is not always a “good thing” but sometimes it’s “a great thing” I discover in my travels.

Some items show how the ways of living in the past far outway how we live today in a hustle and bustle world today of throw aways and plastics. It’s an adventure for sure.

What have I found

Just since March 1, 2019, when I returned from Boquete, Panama to Canada with my husband, four suitcases and our laptops I have collected a variety of items we use in our apartment and a very large balcony. Read about Boquete, Panama here

I have found 11 different bowls. Some are colorful, some textured, and all sizes of bowls. Other items include two platters, cast iron dutch ovens, and fry pans in several different sizes, pictures frames, and pictures in nice frames. Additional corning ware casseroles round out the pots and pans.

While in Panama we used a ceramic butter holder that keeps the butter at the perfect temperature and softest. I found one and promptly bought it.

vintage potatoe mashers image - finding vintage ceramic products
vintage food mashers

One such picture is of old potato mashers. It was painted many years ago by an up-and-coming artist from my hometown in northern Ontario, Canada. I decorate in a farmhouse-type style so it was a must.

We have a huge balcony that ceramic pots and vases graced with plants as well as a signed Mexican plate and many terra cotta garden decorations.

I bought wool blankets, a quilt, end tables, a dining table and chairs, a rocking chair and clothing, and winter boots for Canadian winters.

Where can you find these things?

There are several places I go regularly and others I frequent occasionally. Most communities have some variation of these and of course, the larger centers have more.  You will find if you start going to these places that you have your favorites and will get to know the quality of each place. I list those I go to below;

1. Value Village, Goodwill, and Salvation Army

These stores take donations of clothing, shoes, and boots for all seasons as well as household linens, furniture sporting goods, books, kitchen stuff, craft stuff.

2. Architectural Restore, and Habitat for Humanity Stores

These stores have construction materials such as building products, appliances, old cupboards, doors, windows, and any hardware for doors, and windows, curtain hooks, screws, nails as well. They even take furniture and tools of all kinds.

3. Consignment Stores 

A consignment store will display your items and when sold will split a percentage of the money received between you and the store. This amount is agreed upon prior to displaying the item.

4. Amazon, Etsy, and e-bay, Kijiji and Facebook marketplace

On these sites, you can buy and also sell clothes, toys, books, puzzles, anything and everything vintage, jewelry, crafts, linens. furniture, sports equipment to name a few.

5. Second Hand Furniture and Antique Stores

These are a gold mine to the knowing eye because you find antiques, treasures, and just darn good deals at these places.

second hand sign in finding vintage ceramic products
second-hand store sign

What is the best finding vintage ceramic products time?

I  personally like to go on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning. Why these days you ask?

Tuesday and Thursday are days that most thrift-type places replace the stock bought over the weekend, it tends to be less busy and makes for great browsing. Saturday morning is a fresh start to the day. Also, it fits in my week on those days.

How to thrift

There are many ways to thrift and none are a perfect way. Some will be your way. You need to find what works for you. Here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Have one thing in mind to be looking for
  • Move things and look under and behind. Items can get dislodged and you may miss your best find by not moving things
  • Be sure to check out all departments or areas. There could be an item that you didn’t realize you may find there
  • Do your thrifting regularly according to YOUR schedule. That may be once a month or once a week or

REMEMBER always bring your own bags!!


Thrifting is a natural part of my life and has been involved from a young age. I got hand-me-downs and gave hand me downs which continues to today.

I have 6 siblings, 1 guy, 5 gals. All 6 of us girls share and give back and forth to each other regularly to this day. This includes clothing and footwear, sports equipment, furniture, dishes, and on and on.

Stoneware plant pot for Finding vintage ceramic products
outdoor plant stand

Growing up sharing and thrifting is ingrained in me. If you tire of something or it is too small or you just don’t need it anymore there is always someone, somewhere looking for just that something.

So take it to a place so that someone can find it. Plus the fact it doesn’t go into the landfill if it goes someplace that can make it useful for somebody!

I guess the “some” principle is part of the thrifting concept.

It all comes down to thrifting being a positive practice because;

  1. Thrifting is “items that someone donated so that someone else could benefit from it.”
  2. It helps to recycle items keeping them out of the garbage and landfills.
  3. Most stuff that goes into a thrift store still has life left.
  4. Finding the special thing while thrifting is rewarding.
  5. It can be great fun.

Go give it a try and let us know just how successful you have been by leaving a comment below.

  1. Deb,
    Thrifting is a great hobby! I love that you’re giving more life to products that already exist like vintage ceramics instead of adding to the waste you mention — plastics and other things we just throw away.

    You give great advice for which days of the week to go thrift shopping, and for having a plan. And your list of benefits are so true. Thrifting turns shopping into a game that can save you money, and it’s better for the planet.

  2. I liked the images of the ceramic bowls you got. Very nice.

    Letting us know 5 different places, when to go thrifting and why was a great added touch.

    Do you usually find that you get the bowls you want when thrifting the hours and days they restock or is it because you know the locations that get the donations you are looking for?

    Thanks for the information.


    • It’s more knowing that with new stock on those days there is a higher possibility. The other spot to find goodies is in the spring when churches, schools and other organizations are doing a yard sale, garage sales as fundraisers.

  3. Dear Deb
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people how to choose dream-like warm ceramic products. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Deb – We likewise enjoy thrifting. It is always a nice feeling to find treasures old and repurpose them to match our current life and decor styles. On top of that, they are normally great deals. We also like the fact that (as you articulated) it is a way of contributing to a lesser environmental waste footprint.

    Great read and we love the pictures.

  5. I love thrift markets! There is always a stigma that thrift markets is just a junk sale but that isn’t true as you’ve found. Your plates are unique. What do you do with the items you find?

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