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Ceramic items can probably be found in most rooms in your home. No matter what your style is, you can find ceramic decor adds to your home!

Ceramics in all my rooms, really!

Yes really and even outside on the patio or in the yard! I did a quick inventory and yes this is definitely true in my home.

Ceramics products can have so many diverse looks and textures, that it allows for a porcelain washing bowl and water jug in the bathroom and plants in ceramic pots to an earthenware vase at the front entryway to seasonally change the look and feel of the area. There may be ceramic lamps in most rooms too.

As we know there are 3 basic types of ceramics; earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Each can be used for a multitude of items in your home and in every room in your room home. These can help define your personal home decor style.

Kitchen and dining rooms for sure use ceramic home decor

kitchen dishes ceramic decor adds to your home
kitchen dishes

The kitchen and the dining rooms probably have the highest use of ceramics in the majority of most homes. Everyday dishes, cooking containers, pots and pans and serving dishes to mention just a few to start. But there are other items like the spoon rest or the utensil holder for the spatulas and flippers, as well as the salt and pepper shakers. The everyday cream and sugar containers and the high-end porcelain ones for the special times.

So if you think about it we use ceramics every day in some shape or form.

Dishes come in many kinds of ceramic variations from rough earthenware liked by those wanting an old farmhouse style for everyday ware to porcelain that is more refined, thin and elegant for the more everyday formal lifestyle. Then there are many that want to use more casual, colored dishes for everyday and fine porcelain for special days and seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Kitchens and dining rooms will be a spot where you will find ceramic wall plaques, water jugs and light switch plates that carry the theme of the home decor from room to room.

Formal dining rooms will have tea sets with several dainty teacups and plates along with cream and sugar containers. The ceramic clay of choice is usually porcelain but there is now some stoneware available now that could pass as porcelain making it much more durable.

One thing that people look for more now is that the items are at least dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

Ceramic use in the living room, recreation or family room

These three rooms or whichever ones you have in your home could have candle holders in these rooms,  ceramic bases on lamps/lights, vases and plant pots. Bowls that are wide across and very shallow for holding any number of treasures. The bowl can be any shape and have a combination of colors and textures are found here too. Pine cones and tree balls for Christmas or easter eggs decorated are a nice touch for example.

These are the spots where nic nacs can be found as well.

Figurines are another item that can be found in these rooms. Figurines can be a collection of fine porcelain, or stoneware depending on the desired effect wanted. For example, a plump Santa stoneware figurine may suit the family room more than the living room.

Snack bowls, popcorn bowls, are definitely more for the entertainment area of the home.

Bathrooms, entrance ways and laundry areas

Porcelain - ceramic decor adds to your home
Annie Spratt

These are the spaces that do well with small containers and some with lids. Q-tips, bath salts and bath booms last better if they have a container with a lid. Small vases and jugs can add to the ambiance you are looking for as can candle holders. Wall art in ceramic is ideal for bathrooms because moisture is not an issue. Plants in pots are a good idea too.

Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and soap dishes, flatter bowls, or high edged plates are great for holding bar soaps in the bath, keys and such in the entranceways and catchalls in the laundry.


Bedrooms are our private space. This is the place where your personality shines through. Bedrooms are a good spot to use small jars with and without lids, ceramic wall decor, nic-nacs or figurines, catch-all dishes for earings or change, candle holders, jewelry holders, and of course lamps with ceramic bases and even light switch plates in ceramic. Dressers have drawer pulls that could be changed out to be ceramic dresser pulls.

Outdoor Living

Earthenware ceramic decor adds to your home
Earthenware by Annie Spratt

The best place to be in the warmer weather is outside. Terra cotta ceramic, one of the three types of ceramics, is the one used in much outdoor stuff. It is considered earthenware because it is fired at a low heat and if the glaze is used it is generally not waterproof. Terra cotta pots, wall decor, garden decor, vases, wind chimes, dishes for entertaining outside, and terra cotta blocks can make seats, raised gardens and fire pits.

As you can see ceramic decor adds to your home

What ceramics do you have in your home?

As can be seen here, the type of lifestyle you choose to enjoy will have some kind of ceramic product in it in many areas. It may be a lot or a little but there will be some.

Ceramics play a large role in how you choose to express yourself in your home and yard. Whether you make the conscious decision to use more ceramics to help reduce your carbon footprint, or you choose ceramics because it is what you like, you are still making an investment in helping the environment.

Ceramics have been around all over the world for many thousands of years as you can see here. It will be around for many more thousands of years as well.

Our home is one of the many ways we express ourselves to the world. By using this wonderful natural product “ceramics”,  in how we entertain, how you store food and other items, how you cook and eat, how we make ourselves comfortable and content in our environment will always involve some form of ceramic.

Leave a comment below to further discuss the possibilities of having ceramic in your home and yard!

  1. I love the Mediterranean home decor because it involves a lot of ceramic. From the living room to the bedroom, you will find some touch of ceramic as part of the decoration or the main feature of the house. It is very beautiful and colorful too. I just love to have ceramic touch in my house. And I am even more grateful to learn that it helps reduce my carbon footprint, that is awesome. 


  2. Well! right from being little, I have always have the special fantasy about making my home styled with ceramics. it just adds a lot more to how it appears and the beauty that makes it well balanced and beautiful. For all that is what at all, I like the attachment of the ceramics in every part of the house though I still have it limitedly in my home for now but then, it is worth it.

  3. Ceramics are so beautiful! Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved looking at the ceramics at my families houses and now I get to enjoy some of them in my home. Thank you for this post.


  4. Great post to read.

    My mom has been using ceramic products for the kitchen and I can say I love the new look although I did not know that it reduced carbon footprint. I am not sure if she even knows that.

    Thanx for the information.

  5. I like ceramics but in my home, I find less is more, I do not have a maid to clean and dust all little ceramic decors so I opt to not have them. I do love the look though and often admire them in hotel rooms and other peoples homes. They bring out the character in a room as well as give you an idea of the homeowners personality.

  6. I love a beautiful home with the ambience that exudes tranquillity and serene and the ceramic items add to that. I’ll incorporate the ideas mentioned in this article in the plan for my dream house. I was already visualising where I’ll want the items placed in each room and outside in the garden. I was day dreaming a bit, hey. Thanks for your great tips.

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