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Welcome to “Favorite Ceramic Bowls “. As a young girl grew up at the great lakes in Northern Ontario, Canada. We had many opportunities to celebrate events, birthdays, special holidays and “just because” gatherings that were always fun. There was always lots of fun, food, people and pretty ceramic bowls.

Pretty bowls

I was always fascinated with the bowls used to make and serve the food. These were ceramic bowls that came in every shape, size, color, texture and weight. The bread was made in “the bread bowl, the soup was served in the soup bowl or tureen and another one was the fruit bowl.

 My fascination with these bowls goes from as far back as a child.  I have my own collection now, with neat shapes sizes, and colors. It is not huge but still growing.

Why these bowls

pretty bowls
photo by Skyla Design

When my parents and grandparents were starting off as newly-weds and young parents these were the only kind of bowls they could use. There was no plastic and very few metal bowls.

With the world looking at how to reuse plastic and help lessen our carbon footprints I am willing to use these bowls in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint.

Start your own collection of favourite ceramic bowls

I offer you a chance to start your collection of these bowls as I show you ways to utilize these bowls as well.

You will love the colors and different sizes and shapes, but also the retro look and feel. These are great farm-style items for your kitchen and dining space, or on your mantle in the living room.

These are great gifts for newly-weds, or going off to school or a new job, and most definitely for Christmas. Definitely my “go-to” gift.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Just for you!


  1. I love ceramic bowls and wouldn’t use any other type. My soup bowls and cereal bowls are both ceramic. How lovely that you have built a collection with different colours and designs:)

  2. Great post!  I love that you outlined why ceramic as opposed to other materials.  We have a 3 piece set of ceramic bowls that were handed down from my husband’s grandmother, and use them for everything we can.  Especially when we make home made baked pasta dishes for family dinners.  My daily coffee mug is ceramic, and we have several ceramic plates and platters, used for special occasions.  Our home is very much farmhouse style, and I share your love for ceramics!  Thanks fo sharing.

  3. Your website is an encyclopedia of the ceramic bowls! The topic is so unique and interesting, especially these days when most of us are thinking about lessening the burden on Mother Earth through a more organic, natural approach.

    I am using mostly ceramic bowls and sometimes glass ones. Use of ceramic bowls is one Eco-friendly measure that all of us can implement.

  4. Ceramic bowls, in my opinion, are more delicate and fragile looking. Although I know they are pretty durable, as we use them mainly for guests due to their visual appearance. 

    Having a collection of these types of bowls must be quite a conversation starter in your home. Do you have any that are dated and created by hand? 

  5. As a chef, I can attest to the beauty and functionality of these types of bowls. I love smaller sizes that can be held in the palm of ones hand for sauce sampling etc. Plus I have found when you have a really good set they last forever as long as you take care of them. Some chip easily but epoxy does the trick. 🙂

    • Adam, lol yes epoxy is a wonderful invention.  Smaller ones are interesting to use for smaller portions and the smaller people in our living that “want their own.” Thanks for reading.

  6. Hi Lovey,

    I love ceramic bowls. I live in Mexico and there are some beautiful ceramics here. 

    When I was raised we also had a special bowl for everything, for bread, for sauces, for pasta, fruit, etc 😉 They are beautiful gifts, and I gave my mother some amazing Chinese bowls for her birthday two years ago. It’s nice that you have a collection. That gives me an idea of starting my own collection for the kitchen I am building. It will be nice to have my own set of ceramic bowls in different colors 🙂 

    • Oh and the stuff you can do with ceramics outdoors cause you are in Mexico! Totally jealous. Went there for my daughters’ wedding and kept pointing out all the shops and warehouses with mountains of ceramic product to my husband or anyone that would listen. Thanks for reading.

  7. You just sent me back on memory lane, I remember breaking one of my mother’s bowl, and she told me how she bought the bowl before I was born. She had several of them in different shapes and sizes; also she had them for different occasions.
    Worth mentioning is how my mother replaced the breakable bowls with metals and later ceramic bowls. The ceramics added far much more beautiful colors to our dining.

  8. Ceramic bowls are also a type of art. I remember being a child and having ceramic bowls to paint as art.  If you think about it, ceramic is potter clay. Painted with style makes it beautiful and artistic, Its art makes the table set. When one buys a table set, one shops according to color and style. 

  9. I really need to buy some ceramic bowls. I only have 1 right now and it’s one I made (not very well) that’s not able to hold much. I never thought about the environmental benefit of using them but that’s a great point. At some point, I think it would be fun to make my own but I know classes can be a bit pricy. Is there anywhere you would recommend buy ceramic bowls from?

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