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A book, a mug, a candle and fireplace while sitting in a cosy chair or sofa and a warm drink with baking help to bring out the cosy, relaxed Danish lifestyle of Hygge – pronounced hue-guh. It’s the practice of warmth, comfort and feeling of calm.

Do you know what this means? Have you ever heard of “HYGGE” before?

It really could be the next best discovery you make, if you haven’t already.

Cosy Comfort

“Hygge pronounced hue-guh, not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends and or family, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special”, as defined by hyggehouse.comAlex”

This Danish lifestyle practice is prevalent in Denmark and some in Norway as a way to socialize, converse, organize activities whether home or work-related and to relax. It is a way to get the best out of long, dark and cold winters and summer long sunny days

It is a level of cosiness and comfort that creates feelings of contentment and/or well-being that comes from

jig saw puzzle

the jigsaw puzzle

doing simple things such as lighting candles, reading, playing board games, doing puzzles, baking or spending social time at home or in a social environment with your family. and/or friends. Oh and don’t forget the hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cider and wine.

Danish winters are long, days are short but getting outside in the cold and sun is a relished activity as can be noted with the high amount of skiing that happens every winter in this country.

Hygge is carried right through to the summer months and to the outdoors when the summer days are long and sunny. Hiking, picnics and being in the outdoors is a summer priority.

Minimal possessions and smaller dwellings are quite common in Scandinavian countries. This lifestyle is more recently, being practised in North America too. There are many books available now that helps to guide the newbie “Hygge” person consider their personal options in its practice.

More and more people internationally are practising the Hygge lifestyle. So let’s see what it takes.

What do you need?

To begin practising this concept, it does not take much to get started.

You really only need some of the following to get started;

  • ceramic mugs with coffee, cider or hot chocolate, porcelain teacups for tea, wine glasses filled with wine.
    hot drinks and pastries

    hot drinks and pastries

    Any of these being family hand-me-downs or vintage are all the better.

  • platters and small plates for the bits and pieces of pastries, cheese, meats, olives and whatever suits your fancy
  • warm blanket or throw for curling up on the cosy chair or love seat
  • comfy clothes like thick socks and sweaters
  • books to read or puzzles and board games to do with others, a knitting basket with more sweaters and socks and mittens being made
  • Candles, fire in the fireplace if you have one. Electrical fireplaces are a nice option. There are so many beautiful smelling candles and they come in so many sizes, and colours that you will find your few favorites.
  • a cosy special spot to set as your special place in your home. This can be a corner you set up as a special spot or it could be a window seat surrounded by books or a fireplace with cosy chairs and a puzzle table. It is all YOUR choice.

Ceramic and porcelain mugs and plates for treats

The hygge living is steeped in a simple minimal type lifestyle with items being passed on or passed down to family and or friends as they create their own new living arrangements. Grandma and Great-grandmas teacups or mugs can be passed down to keep them in the family and everyone is encouraged to use and enjoy the past lives through them. The same goes for pastry platters or cake plates.

If you don’t have these items in your family to share there are many vintage and antique shops to scour and find your own treasures to start the custom.

There are great selections of mugs everywhere

Great mugs are everywhere and everyone has their own likes when it comes to mugs. You probably have your favorite ones, ones that get used at mealtime and ones for the company.

porcelain teacup

porcelain teacup

You will find mugs, teacups with matching plates, bowls and platters at department stores, Kitchen supply stores, warehouse-style stores, speciality stores, online has many places and even most food stores now carry very nice ones that get often refreshed and seasonally.

If you want to replace your current set you can always ask your family and friends to get it for you for a special occasion. And of course, recycle the old set to a family member, friend or the many thrift stores there are.

You can also give yourself a gift and get new ceramic mugs, plates and platters or whatever you desire just because!

Here are some suggestions I found that may interest you.


hot drinks and pastries

hot drinks and pastries

Hygge is all about comfort, being cosy, connecting with friends and family and hominess, oh and don’t forget the ceramic mugs and porcelain teacups too!

Whether you like something warm or cool to drink, cheese, olives and meats or pastries and dainties to consume in your cosy spot doing what pleases you, and with whoever fits into this, the choice is yours. Big warm blankets and fuzzy sweaters, woolly socks and cosy pants all add to the feeling of comfort.

Hygge, in my opinion, is all about being able to take time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate in a state of personal interest, personal comfort and the degree of cosiness that you welcome. It can be in any place of your choosing that gives you all this. Bottoms up!


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  1. Hi Deb,

    What a lovely post!! I hadn’t heard this term before, but it sounds lovely just reading about it.

    I live in northern Canada, so I know about cold days! Our winters are long so feeling cozy with warmth, treats, tea and a good book or friends help to survive the long season, lol.

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks, Suzanne I am from Northern Ontario, Canada and you are right winter is long. I think most of us in the north just “did this ” as a means of getting through the winter. That and learning to appreciate skating, skiing both downhill and cross country and sledding or skidooing as we called it years ago.

  2. Your article is well written with pictures. I have enjoyed reading it. I live in Hong Kong. It’s always warm. The terms you mentioned here are new to me. I have never heard anything about hygge living before. In a winter day, it’s cosy to have a cup of tea and have a nice quality time with family and friends.

    • thank you. I’m glad you liked it and that you were able to see how we live in Canada. We have warm summers, cold winters and just right spring and fall

  3. I live in Minnesota and I have definitely tried to incorporate lots of Hygge into my lifestyle. It’s definitely a very good and important way to make winter an enjoyable season and embrace the dark, cold days. I think this article is well written and gives people a lot of ideas. It’s such a pleasant topic to think about it and discuss. Just thinking about it, helps you to relax more. I also love the slowness that comes with this live style and the emphasis on connection. We all need connection, warmth and cosiness more than anything else.

    • Manuela, I come from northern Ontario so our winters are probably not much different. When I was a kid growing up with several siblings, we had a table that always had a jaw saw puzzle on it and everyone would putter away at it. Made for good conversation and connection. Need to add that into the article. The slowness as you say is the bonus for rejuvenating for the busy summer season that will come all in good time.

  4. Hi Deb
    How wonderful to have warm glowing comfort in a white winter wonderland out there, and pottery have so much character and style.
    Though I do not live in a cold area, I am sure this will help when living in a country, where it is very hot. I can get to 43* C. The same principle can be applied just in reverse … hahaha.
    Instead of having warm drinks and comfort food, we can have cool beverages and still do the rest.
    Wonderful relaxing lifestyle, and will do the soul a whole world of good.
    Your articles inspire me to live the Hygge lifestyle, thank you!

    • You’re welcome, Stella. This process can be very restorative in so many ways. I like how you make it applicable to your to your warm weather. Great idea.

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